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Mitchell J. Studley
  • August 29, 2023

Mitchell J. Studley

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Mitchell J. Studley is a lawyer’s lawyer. With over 40 years of extensive experience as a plaintiff trial attorney, Village Court Judge, arbitrator, mediator and in house defense counsel, there is absolutely no scenario that Mr. Studley is unprepared for. He is extraordinarily thorough, kind and passionate about what he brings to help each and every client. Mitch, as he tells everyone to call him, is a life long New Yorker. He grew up in Queens, and raised his family in Nassau County where he still serves as a Judge in local traffic court. Mitch is a true family man, with his wife over almost 40 years, two beautiful children and grandchild. He is a baseball fan with fond memories of his childhood and playing ball. You will not find a better person and lawyer than Mitch.