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Jason A. Greenberg

Managing Attorney and Founder

Jason A. Greenberg was told from a young age that he should be an attorney. He founded the firm from his parent’s basement with no clients, but a simple belief that he could find people who shared his vision that attorneys could help their clients and fight the fights that are necessary.
These fights play out in the courtrooms of New York against the billion-dollar insurance industry, which collects your premiums for years and then acts as if you are a criminal when you are the victim of an accident and need the coverage that you spent years paying for.
Unlike many lawyers who put their name and face on a website, Jason has actually picked hundreds of juries in over twenty different Courts. In his career, spanning over four decades, Jason has tried a variety of challenging cases and taken multiple verdicts.
Many of the verdicts that the juries returned in favor of Jason’s clients exceeded the limits of the insurance companies’ coverage.
This forced the insurance carrier to truly be held accountable for their refusal to resolve a case on conditions that are fair to the injured person, not then the insurance company.
Jason has also handled appeals, oral arguments, motions, depositions and every conceivable Courtroom experience.
He is a tireless advocate who cares greatly about helping his clients.
Before founding the modern JAG Law Group, Jason’s skills were in such demand that he was doing trials for over twenty different law firms who needed his skills.

Mitchell J. Studley

Trial Counsel

Mitchell J. Studley is a lawyer’s lawyer. With over 40 years of extensive experience as a plaintiff trial attorney, Village Court Judge, past director of New York State Magistrate’s Association, past member of Nassau County Judicial screening committee, arbitrator, mediator and insurance company attorney of record, guest lecturer at Queens County Bar Association there is absolutely no scenario that Mitch is unprepared for.
Over the course of his distinguished career, Mitch has secured numerous verdicts on behalf of injured Plaintiffs holding the insurance industry accountable. One such example was a case he successfully tried in Staten Island, where multiple attorneys had cautioned him about the difficulties of this case, which involved two 17-year-old males who were struck by a vehicle while they were riding motorcycles. Not only did Mitch obtain a verdict on liability in favor of his clients, he then secured a substantial verdict on damages for each of the Plaintiffs.
He has also obtained a multitude of favorable arbitration decisions on behalf of his clients.
He is extraordinarily thorough, kind and passionate about what he brings to help each and every client. Mitch, as he tells everyone to call him, is a lifelong New Yorker. He grew up in Queens, and raised his family in Nassau County where he still serves as a Judge with the Nassau County Traffic Parking Violations Agency (District Court).
Mitch is a true family man, with his wife over almost 40 years, two beautiful children and grandchild. He is a baseball fan with fond memories of his childhood and playing ball. You will not find a better person and lawyer than Mitch.

Linda Lyles

Litigation team

Linda Lyles is an outstanding Plaintiff personal injury paralegal . She brings her years of experience to assisting clients. Linda has reviewed various types of medical records (ranging from hospital, orthopedic, neurological, chiropractic, therapeutic and physiatrist) so as to prepare and advance the claims of our clients. Linda's knowledge to carefully review every aspect of the clients' case from photographs, possible witnesses, defendants' responses and trial preparation is critical to moving the cases through the complex litigation process in an orderly and efficient fashion. Linda's ability to keep the attorneys informed of issues as they develop and help frame a strategy is an integral component of our office's strategy and success. Whether starting the action with a Complaint, drafting a Bill of Particulars, or doing a supplemental Response, Linda's professionalism is highly valued and appreciated. Beyond the office, Linda is a devoted mother, grandmother, dog mother and by the way makes a legendary baked ziti.

Christine Seo

Litigation Team

Christine Seo has been working on behalf of injury victims for almost 20 years. She began her journey in Flushing, Queens working for well-known Plaintiff law firms. She has worked extensively with No Fault issues and for medical malpractice defense firms. With all of her accumulated knowledge, it was welcome news that Christine decided to return to school to get her Juris Doctor in order to become a lawyer. She manages to help all of our clients by getting great numbers to reduce any liens that they might have on their cases, and amazingly she does this while she is going to law school, raising her sons and helping her husband with his business. We are very fortunate to have her knowledge and skills to help our clients and know that Ms. Seo is going become a terrific attorney.

Carlos M. Escobar

Litigation Team

Carlos M. Escobar is an extremely bright and talented young man. He joined the office while he was still in Freeport High School and continues while he is attending St. John’s University on a special program that will allow him to get his Bachelor’s and Juris Doctor in only six years (instead of seven). Carlos has maturity and wisdom beyond his age and is often referred to as thoughtful, caring, courteous and attentive. He is a devout Catholic who is very active with the local church as a Catchiest and Sacristan. Carlos, as our youngest paralegal, has progressed from gathering medical records to understanding the myriad rules of the Court system and drafting legal documents critical to litigation. With an extremely bright future, we are all looking forward to watching Carlos’ continued development.

Cristin Gomez

Intake Department

Cristin Gomez was born in New York, but grew up in Mexico where her grandmother taught her traditional family values. She returned to Texas and then New York for her professional education. Since joining our office, Cristin has become the invaluable leader of the Intake Department. She handles filing for No Fault benefits, fighting to obtain the fair value for vehicles that have been declared total losses, making sure that the client’s employers and doctors file the correct forms to enable the clients to obtain their lost wages and the handling of the No Fault Insurance Medical Examinations. She exemplifies calm and patience as she manages all these responsibilities for our clients. Personally, Cristin enjoys travelling and exploring new places whether locally in New York City or other parts of America.

Kathie Garcia

Medical Records Department

Kathie Garcia has grown up on Long Island and suffered a very serious injury that motivated her to pursue her own justice. This in turn motivated Kathie to want to help other people who have been victimized by the carelessness and negligence of others. With empathy from her own harrowing experience, Kathie has become the head of our Medical Records Department. Collecting, organizing, analyzing and ultimately presenting the records of our client’s injuries in a persuasive manner to the insurance industry so that the legal team can present the facts in our effort to achieve maximum compensation. Outside of the office, Kathie loves to spend time with her dog Cartier, family and friends.

Ashley Torres

Calendar Department

Ashley Torres handles the day to day running of the office calendar. This involves coordinating the challenges of daily events such as Court conferences, motions, depositions, 50-H hearings, examinations under oath, arbitrations, mediations, and meeting with clients. Ashley is constantly interacting with the office’s clients, opposing counsel, the Courts, deposition and translation services and arbitration services. Her positive personality and organizational skills are crucial to her success in managing all of these events. On a personal note, Ashley is a proud new mother with an adorable baby boy.