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Jason A. Greenberg
  • August 29, 2023

Jason A. Greenberg

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Managing Attorney and Founder

Jason A. Greenberg was told from a young age that he should be an attorney. He founded the firm from his basement with no clients, but the belief that he could find people who shared his vision that lawyers could help their clients and fight the fights that were necessary against the billion dollar insurance industry that collects your premiums for years and then acts as if you are a criminal when you are the victim of an accident and need the coverage that you spent years paying for. Unlike many lawyers who put their name and face on a firm website, Jason has actually picked hundreds of juries in over twenty different courts. He has tried cases and taken multiple verdicts that exceeded the limits of the insurance companies coverage. Forcing the insurance carrier to truly be held accountable for their refusal to resolve a case on conditions that are fait to the injured person, not the company. Jason has handled appeals, depositions, oral arguments, motions and every conceivable Courtroom experience. He is a tireless advocate who cares greatly about helping his clients. Before founding the modern JAG Law Group, Jason’s skills were in such demand that he was doing trials for over twenty different law firms who needed his skills.